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A simple philosophy.

"Every leader is the voice of the CEO."

About Greg


Greg's early career as a clinical psychologist drives his passion for understanding behaviors that define successful leaders. Behavior is the core of effective leadership development, or in Greg's words, "we often hire on skill yet fire on behavior." Leadership development can fill that gap.

Experience + Impact

Greg has served as a national speaker for the renowned Studer Group, as the Vice President of Leadership for a global training and development company, DDI, and now leads his own company. Greg is a motivational speaker and coach whose style combines down-to-earth enthusiasm, knowledge and humor with practical solutions for the challenges leaders are facing today. Audiences connect with his engaging, high-energy presentation style. 

In addition to his hands-on experience, Greg's strategic thinking and visionary ideas have helped both for-profit and not-for-profit groups in the service industry including health care, financial services, hospitality, government agencies, education and professional trade associations. Greg is also known for the tangible tips and tools that he shares with leaders and staff.    


Greg has presented to over 70,000 service leaders and professionals. Topics include leadership, accountability, staff engagement, customer experience, executing strategy, internal coaching, managing change and filling leadership gaps.   

Speaker Topics


As a motivational speaker, his presentations are customized for your audience. Greg personally researches your goals, learning objectives and customer base to ensure relevance and impact. 


The content and case studies used in presentations are outcomes based and examples are cited with permission.  They originate from verified sources, including published research, as well as the speaker’s on-going work and documentation. Content is continually updated with best practices from current work as well as reports and industry journals which provide research-based tools and techniques.

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