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Greg believes to be an effective speaker that on-going feedback is essential. He knows from experience that two things have to happen for a presentation to be successful. The first is to develop content specific to each intended audience. The second is to assess the impact of every presentation. Are people getting the message and what should be improved? He uses evidence-based data, video review and on-going evaluations. For example, during a leadership series for WellSpan (a large health system in Pennsylvania), every session was rated by their leaders and video-taped. In 14 months of sessions with their administrative and clinical leaders, he received 1,555 evaluations with an overall rating of 4.8/5 for speaking skills and 4.9/5 for knowledge relevant to the leaders. 

From WellSpan Health System

Excerpts from their leaders.

  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed every session I attended, even those that pulled me out of my comfort zone. In every session I learned something new."
  • "What I learned infiltrates every conversation that I have."
  • "...sessions have been so important to me. As I apply the principles I am growing in so many ways. It's not always comfortable, but it has been essential."
  • "The impact has been felt across the system! Personally, the training and leadership has provided me with many new skills in support of our leaders and staff. It has given me the ability to have the discussions that can help us all connect back to our purpose and mission."
  • "...such an engaging speaker, and people really enjoyed coming to the sessions held for the system leadership."
  • "...challenged me, humbled me and made me reflect on what kind of leader I'd like to become."
  • "...challenged us, and helped us grow as an organization and as individuals. The lessons we've learned will be remembered and will make us stronger."

Michael Duke, Senior Director (Vizient)

"Greg's talent is in connecting with people. His communication style is very effective - it feels personal to every person in the audience, as if "he's been in my shoes." His skill of walking around and working the crowd really kept them engaged. The feedback about him from that conference was very positive - bottom line, he did a great job for us. He also knows his stuff - the surveys told us that the large majority of attendees had something that they would take away from Greg's presentations and start doing tomorrow. Getting the audience to take action is a pretty good indicator of their engagement, whether it's leadership or their staff. We definitely would rehire Greg to work with us."

Terri Nuss, Healthcare Executive

"I have had the privilege to work extensively with Greg Nelson.  His speaking has catalyzed me; his coaching has stretched and grown me; his tenacity has inspired me to execute and achieve. Greg’s assessment and critical thinking skills have reshaped my own lenses for strategic planning and pacing.  I learn more about our industry and myself as a leader every time I engage with him." 

Jim Caporali, Officer/Meeting Organizer (Sodexo)

"He exceeded our expectations and received great reviews from the audience. Greg contributed significantly to our conference being the highest ranked event that we had ever had! His humor, enthusiasm and ability to really personalize his messages to the people in the audience make him a stand-out. His presentation was absolutely consistent with the messages we wanted our people to hear, but he took them to another level of depth with some really practical ideas that our employees could relate to...his ability to really relate to each person in the audience is one of Greg's greatest talents."

Dale Woodin, Executive Director (ASHE)

“Greg has presented for our association twice, and we would most definitely use Greg again. While we have terrific tactical and financial skills, development of leadership skills is an area that our membership continues to express interest in learning more about.  

We felt Greg would do a great job for us, and he more than delivered.  The first speaking engagement was a challenging request - speak to over 100 emerging leaders in the afternoon at a conference in Phoenix, where there was an option to play golf in the late afternoon. We were afraid that a majority of the audience would leave after the break, but we wanted to at least offer to them this fantastic learning opportunity. I have to tell you - we didn't lose a single person.  Not even with perfect weather at a first class resort!  This group was totally engaged for four solid hours on a perfect Arizona day.  Greg's training was so dynamic and intense that I even heard a few folks chastise their peers for even considering leaving.  

The next time, we brought Greg back as the keynote speaker for about 3,000 of our members.  This audience ranged from those straight out of school trying to break into the business to the seasoned veterans -- a very diverse group.  

Greg's program was the highest rated program of the entire conference.  

We've had a lot of high-profile people speak at our events, but Greg's different. While he's high impact, high profile, he provides a uniquely authentic, meaningful program that connects to each and every person in a very significant way. His content is tailored to the audience and each person feels like he's been in their job. On the evaluations, we've had so many people say that his concepts resonated with them in such a way that they incorporated Greg's terms into their vocabulary. He's the real deal - a genuine educator and coach to each person in the room.” 

Evelyn Meserve, CHPA, Executive Director (IAHSS)

"His style is dynamic, knowledgeable  and engaging. He is very good at making the audience feel like he's speaking directly to them - that they are understood. Greg impressed me most with his hard work and dedication to making sure that he knows his audience. We would absolutely rehire Greg to speak for us. He's unique, real and our members really get a lot of value from his presentations."

Dawn Michele Teachey, CEO (HCSC)

"Bottom line, Greg is brilliant! He's the most dynamic speaker we've ever had, with a vision at the 30,000 foot level, but also has that analytical brain to really drill down into the details of process improvement. He's provided our organization with the most objective assessment we've ever had.  Sometimes it's tough to hear, but he speaks the truth, and really knows what we need as an organization and as people in real jobs doing real work. He also has an incredible talent of reaching each person in each discipline in the organization with his passion. He makes that lasting impression on people, and they remember what he's said to them. Greg WILL make a difference in health care to every company, patient and person he interacts with." 

Thomas O'Donnell, Executive Director (Columbia University)

"Greg Nelson’s wealth of expertise goes well beyond the typical leadership development courses by providing a variety of tailored scenarios and action plans for the best possible outcomes. There is no such thing as cookie cutter solution, Greg breaks down any scenario into all its basic components and teaches you how to build them up."